A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… part 5…

a 1

Okay, I swear, we are almost done with these.

a 2

Just one more post to go… after this one…

a 3

Wait… those aren’t roses… I think that is a honeysuckle… why is that in the Berkeley Rose Garden?

a 4

Or it might be a poppy.

a 5

Sometimes photos in low light just don’t come out exactly how you want them to…

a 6

But then again, sometimes they come out looking cool in unexpected ways.

a 7

But I am getting pretty good at the daylight photos.

a 8

And some of the night ones turn out good enough.

a 9

That is almost the same shot as the one above. Ironically, this is what happens when you use the flash on something that is too far way for the light to reach.

a 10

You can almost smell the roses.

a 11

Boats and a bridge.

a 12

I like colors.

a 13

Colors make the world go around.


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