A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… part 1…

a 1

Another thing I like to do when visiting my  mom in the Bay Area is drive up to the Berkeley Rose Garden. It is part of the University of California, Berkeley, and rose breeders from all over the world send clippings there, so you see roses that might only exist in two places in the world.

a 2

It also has some nice views, although it was rather hazy yesterday.

a 3

This is why the blog is so good for me. I go out and do stuff, so I have pictures to share with you.

a 4

The thing is… (hello, thing, where have you been hiding?)… I tend to take a lot of pictures. I try to get rid of the boring ones, the repetitive ones. But I do hate wasting them. which is why we end up with so many posts labeled as part 1 and part 2 and so on.

a 5

But you know I have crack squirrels living in my head, right? So…

a 6

San Francisco was shy yesterday, peeking out of the haze. But don’t worry… because I did something else yesterday that will peal away the mystery.

a 7

There is a reason that I like both roses and sunsets…

a 8

It is because no two are ever alike, even from one minute to the next, as light changes and moves. Throw in my favorite city, and you have a pretty nice mix… which is what I am going to be doing for a few days… mixing pictures of roses and these photos, that I took from Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay… just as the sun was setting.

a 9

Because that is where I went last night. The thing is… (oooooh, a double thing post!)… that I am going on another adventure today, and I don’t know where I am going to end up… but it will start in those hills just to the right of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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