Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 6… oh when the fog, comes marchin’ in, oh when the fog comes marchin’ in…

a 1

After our awesome ride on the bay in the rocket boat, we started walking through Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I feel like we have done that. If you want, go back and look at the old posts. You can learn all about the Wharf and boost my stats.

Notice that there are wisps of fog blowing past behind Alcatraz.

a 2

Just a short while later, and a little further along, the fog has turned into a long tongue, sticking into the bay from Under the Golden Gate Bridge.

a 3

Behind the masts of that old sailing ship, Alcatraz is now almost invisible, except for the rocks at its base.

a 4

And when I turned to my left, I was surprised to see… uh… nothing but fog… where the Golden Gate Bridge is supposed to be. I mean, it is in there, but we can’t see it at all. This photo, for those of you who care, was taken from in front of this building…

a 5

Where they make San Francisco’s most famous chocolate.

a 6

We took an Uber car back to our car… we did a lot of walking over the last couple of weeks. I like this photo, because, from this angle, the Transamerica building looks bigger than the new Salesforce building that is going up.

a 7

Once we got our car, we drove back past the Fisherman’s Wharf area, along the coast, until we were very close to the Golden Gate Bridge itself. That big square thing looming out of the fog is Fort Point, built during the American Civil War. It is built underneath a big arch that supports this end of the bridge. You can see just a hint of the arch fading up into the fog above the fort. I mean, technically, the fort was built way before the bridge, and they built the arch over it, but you know what I mean.

a 8

Eva and William… our godson, met us. They live very close by. Mollie and Dashawn are putting our cool new kite together.

a 9

Looking back towards the city and Fisherman’s Wharf, you can see that the fog has closed in behind us.

a 10

Our new kite is cool. It does tricks.

a 11

And then, moments later, looking from the Presidio, where we were flying the kite, you can see that the fog lifted for a moment, giving us a peek at some of the city.

a 12

No, that isn’t the same photo of pelicans that I posted before… I mean, they are the same pelicans, but I took two pictures of them.

a 15

And the same goes for the ghostly sail boats.

a 13

A lone seagull ponders the fog.

a 14

Now get ready for it, because in the next post, we are going to drive into the thick fog, and onto and over the Golden Gate Bridge, and you are going to see come cool photos of fog.





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6 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 6… oh when the fog, comes marchin’ in, oh when the fog comes marchin’ in…

  1. These fog photos remind me of John Creasey’s book, “The Smog,” published in 1970. I know smog is different from fog, but it’s a unique horror story. On that note, have a great weekend!

    • I think they made that into a movie… twice…

      • An Italian film called “Smog” came out in 1962, but that was 8 years before Creasey’s book was published. A movie titled “Smog” appeared on TV in 1973, and another one called “The Smog” came out in 2010. But I can’t determine if either was based on Creasey’s novel.

        • No, I know there was a movie called ‘The Fog’ about lost souls from a doomed ship that came ashore when ever the fog came.

          • Yes, I remember “The Fog,” which came out in 1980 and starred 2 of America’s most esteemed actresses: Jamie Lee Curtis and Adrienne Barbeau. There was a remake of it in 2005.

            Well, enough talk of old movies! Art, please get some rest. All of this traveling around has tired you out. You’ve become lost in a fog of photos, but just build a bridge and get over it! Wow! Sometimes I almost hurt myself with such spontaneous witticisms!

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