Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 2… the fog…

a 1

So yeah, some of us are still in the San Francisco Bay Area until Saturday. There are my younger daughter, Mollie, and her boyfriend. My wife is still here too, but she doesn’t want to appear on the blog… ever. My older daughter and her new husband are back in Arizona. My mother-in-law has gone back home. My cousins from Santa Cruz have also departed. We really just met up at my mom’s house for the Hamilton show.

a 2

When you grow up in the Bay Area like I did, you know a lot about fog. But this was an interesting fog day.

a 3

The kind of day where the fog has a mind of its own.

a 4

It was clear and sunny and warm when we left my mom’s house and crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge to get to the city. Before long, we were going to be underneath this very bridge, having some crazy fun. I will get to that soon. I am trying to decide if I should do these photos in order after this, or just mix them up like I usually do.

a 5

But right now, we are talking about the fog. That photo is taken later in the day. That big, dark, square object you see in the fog to the left is Fort Point, a Civil War era fort of brick and stone that nestles underneath an arch of the South end of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t see the bridge at all.

a 6

It was the kind of day where little sail boats coast by like ghosts.

a 7

The kind of day that makes the sightseeing boats post notice that you don’t get your money back if you can’t see the Golden Gate Bridge… or the city… from five feet away.

a 8

This picture was taken even earlier in the day, after the boat ride. I was standing in front of the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory, close by Fisherman’s Wharf. See that fog bank over there. I swear, the Golden Gate Bridge is in there.

a 9

It started off as a sunny day, and it still was in some parts of the Bay Area, but near the bridge, it was the kind of day where the pelicans stay close together so they don’t get lost.



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4 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 2… the fog…

  1. Evir says:

    First from me “Hello, San Francisco”
    Good for photo no.1 and 2.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fog always adds intrigue and beauty to any photo. These are some great ones, Art. You really captured the essence of the Bay Area.

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