A bunch of flowers for those of you still dealing with snow… part 6…


It strikes me that my idea in the last post… putting words between the pretty pictures that have nothing to do with flowers, but might be worth discussing… was a pretty good idea.


I have always held the opinion that writers… and this particularly includes song writers… should put some message into their words. Something to make people think and talk about things. Or at least to give them hope. That is why I am not a huge fan of negative messages in songs.


I mean, a good band can get slip messages into their music, and reach people who might otherwise not get that message.


I’m not saying that every story, poem or song has to have a message, or that the message has to be deep.


But they don’t need to contain a message that seems to revolve around the premise that the world is so screwed up that nothing we can do can make it worse, so do whatever you want, either.


And a message can be gloomy but still be important and worth discussing.


But now I have spent so much time babbling about messages and stealth message delivery systems, that I am running out of room to put a message in this post that we can talk and think about.


Uh… that picture up there isn’t even a flower, it is just a plant with brightly colored leaves… I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention… so… uh…


How about that tRump guy and his gang of evil swamp vermin, huh?


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8 Responses to A bunch of flowers for those of you still dealing with snow… part 6…

  1. I think you’re a floral sadist. Snow predicted three times this coming week. And I agree with you about the song stuff.

  2. The Hook says:

    Just what I needed.
    Thanks, man.

  3. I agree with you about bad massages in songs
    I often listen to music in languages I can’t understand
    Just to avoid the messages

  4. List of X says:

    I found that I’m just reading the words and looking at the pictures. Was that your message?

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