And then there was this guy…


Okay, that is a bad camera angle… let me move… he seems to be doing a headstand on a very tall table.


Okay, that’s better. Now he is standing on a plank balanced on a metal cylinder. That is just the kind of thing you see on Pier 39, which is part of the area called Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.


I guess that is sort of cool… oh… wait…


He had somebody in the crowd hand him some cups and another plank, and climbed up higher… without getting down first…


And then he had another person hand him more stuff…


And he is rolling around up there like a kid on a skateboard…


And he was pretty funny, too.


And he is from England, which, for some reason, made the whole thing more interesting.


Okay, the juggling was a nice touch…


And the ladies liked it when he took off his shirt…


Well, now what is he up to?


There you go!


I talked to him after the show, and told him I would put the photos on the blog… (I mean, I was going to anyway)… He is from England, and grew up in a circus family. His joke was that his parents were acrobats, but now they are old and fat, so they are clowns… HA! His name is Orion Griffiths, and you should check him out. He is moving to LA because he wants to be a serious actor. I hope he makes it.


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4 Responses to And then there was this guy…

  1. Al says:

    He looks kinda cool. Taking his shirt off in that weather? Is he some sort of a loony?

    Fourth photo up. That needs a spot of your unique touch. He reminds me of The Wolverine there

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