And this guy…


This might have been the fastest art I ever saw made that was still pretty dang awesome… did that sentence make any sense, grammatically or otherwise?


What I mean is that the paintings were beautiful and eye-catching…


But he was doing it at lightning speed… he was twirling the canvas around, grabbing cans of spray paint and spraying it, using various bent pieces of cardboard to shape the spray of the paint just where he wanted it to go…


And while the paint was still wet, he would grab a pallet knife or a little scrapper, and scrape paint off in fine lines… that is how he did the bridge and buildings. And he did all those details in like twenty seconds.


I mean, it was impressive to watch, and the finished product was something that appeals to me, at least, and he was selling them for only $15… I would have bought one, but we were using public transportation, and I would have had to carry it around.


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2 Responses to And this guy…

  1. Al says:

    That is stunning. You should have asked if he delivered.

    By the way, that’s one of my major peeves. People who write “You should of asked…” “could of done…” “Would of said …” It infuriates me.

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