Is that why they call it the Golden Gate???


Okay, we are finally at the end of the day… the day before yesterday, I mean… if you are following along with the saga. A bunch of us went up the hill to the elementary school to do some stuff. On the way home, we were discussing how the Golden Gate got its name. Was it the golden sunsets? Or something about the gold rush? We could have Googled it, but sometimes, arguing is funner.


There it is, the school where I learned all about how bad I was at being in school.


We were trying to beat the falling darkness. After our adventures walking on the Golden Gate bridge, we had Christmas toys to play with!


We did have a nice view  from up there.


But what we needed was the huge blacktop…


I did keep running over and taking pictures of the sunset as the colors changed… you know I love sunsets…


But, as I said, we had toys. Here is my sweet new ride.


My wife got all the boys… (remember, there are at least 14 people living at my mom’s house right now)…  little remote control cars. So we had some races. We were driving them around the house, but that got dangerous.


Ooooh… that’s a pretty one.


Why is my daughter’s fiance trying to control my mind?


Oh man, he got an airplane. Oh, and Jason… that’s him with the plane… and Jessica, are gone now. They left yesterday, after more San Francisco adventures… that I will post about today… unless we are busy… going to San Francisco again… sigh…


And, of course, I still have like ten more pictures of this sunset…


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