China Town dreams…


We did make it over to China Town in San Francisco yesterday.


We were running out of time… and sunlight… so we didn’t stay long. I don’t have any pictures of my favorite stuff, like the butcher shops and herbal medicine stores…


But trust me, you can get anything in China Town. I may be wrong, but I think this is still the largest Chinese community in the United States.


I have always loved China Town. It has the ambiance, the smells, the tastes.


And it has… ummmm… oddly satanic Santa kites.


And, of course, it has boba!


It is just fun.


And where else are you going to see a life-sized replica of a terracotta warrior standing on a second floor awning?


Let alone one wearing a Santa hat… and we saw an older gentleman playing Christmas carols on one of those ancient Chinese violins. I thought it would be rude to take a photo.


Until next time, old friend.


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4 Responses to China Town dreams…

  1. melfamy says:

    I was there a few years ago, I love the area! The Chinese section of Boston has a very similar feel. My cousin turned me on to a chinese bakery there; who knew they had ovens?

  2. Ok – post-to-post and coast-to-coast…

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