It’s not yesterday anymore, is it?

No… it isn’t. It is just before five in the morning… and I am sitting at my mom’s house… the first of the horde to awaken… trying to do a post or two about yesterday’s adventures in the Bay Area… before we leave to have more adventures… and I fall even further behind.


So, I mentioned in the last post from last night that we went to the city and walked on the Golden Gate bridge. I have a lot of pictures of that, so maybe the next couple of posts after this one will just be mostly pictures, and I will do the back story now.


To get to the city, we took the Richmond bridge… with it’s lovely view of San Quentin, the super-max federal penitentiary. I know, we could have gone the other way, and crossed the Oakland bridge, but we like to mix it up.


This also meant that we drove over the Golden Gate bridge… before coming back to walk on it.


I saw a ship coming into the bay, and… well, sometimes I like to mess with my camera, and see what it will try to focus on… this time I made it choose between the bridge railings zipping by and a ship in the distance. That is kind of an artsy shot, don’t you think?


We went to this guys house! Yes, that is Big Johnny. We call him that because I am six feet four inches tall and he makes me look normal-sized. Best man at our wedding… childhood friend of my wife originally from San Diego, like her, which explains why I live there now… and father of our godchild. Also, the guy whose 50th birthday party was the reason for my last visit to the Bay Area, and some pretty awesome drunken adventures, in case you missed those posts.


Okay, that is Dashawn, playing our godson, Willie, like a guitar. Willie took to him right away, which makes me like Dashawn even more, (remember, I always say, don’t trust anybody if dogs, horses, babies and little kids don’t like them)… which is good, because he is dating Mollie, our 17-year-old. Don’t let the 49’ers jacket fool you. He has never been to the Bay Area before. He flew down to share in the Browne family Christmas madness, because, for Christmas, my wife and daughter got him tickets to a 49’ers game… and he is a huge fan. Don’t worry, they are going with him.

The thing is… (yay, another thing!!!)… we don’t always do all the touristy stuff every time we come here. I grew up here. We come here, to the Bay Area, I mean, at least a few times every year. But it is kind of awesome to do the touristy stuff with somebody who has never been here.

Oh, and while we were walking to get lunch later in the day, a homeless guy yelled: “Nice jacket” at him, and it made his day.


After Willie showed us his new Christmas presents… I know, Wookie jammies and mask with a furry Ewok ear hat… very confusing…


… and his sweet, new ride, an all-terrain tricycle…  Ha! I just noticed his shadow… it looks like a lizard on a bike!


So anyway, I still have a bunch of pictures of the bridge, and an adventure to the elementary school that I went to when I was little, to do some cool stuff, and see an awesome sunset… but soon, a house full of… uh… I think there are 12… or 14 people here now, I can’t count them, they keep moving around… are going to start getting up, and we are going to the city again, (not all of us)… because my older daughter… yes, Jessica… and her fiance, Jason, are leaving today. I sort of hope we take a day off tomorrow to relax.. if you can call being in a house this full of people relaxing.

But if I don’t take a shower now, I will never get to.


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