Spending the day with me… from a kid’s point of view… part 2…

a 11

Hey… wait… Arthur… you want to see something really cool?

a 12

Are you ready? Because you are definitely going to want to get pictures of this… wait… let me pick up my blanky…

a 13

I can walk!!! All by myself!!! I know, right? Oh… the blanky? I don’t know… it just helps me balance.

a 14

I am just going to hold onto the balloon… so you stop bouncing it off my head…

a 15

Yes… I know… I see the pretty flowers… you ask me that every time we come out here…

a 16

Stop taking pictures… I want to look at the airplanes…

a 17

Seriously? You tie-dyed this shirt all by yourself?

a 18

Yes, I do like the way that, between all the silly games and the funny faces and noises you make, that you tell me real stuff about life and the universe. Yes, I can see why you think doing that with your own daughters when you were a stay-at-home dad contributed to making them so smart… so, you’re telling me that the big, hot ball in the sky is really a star, just like the little tiny lights I see at night, only much closer??? You have given me a lot to think about…

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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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25 Responses to Spending the day with me… from a kid’s point of view… part 2…

  1. Just gorgeous!!! Im a big fan of a blanky!!! P.S: Love the tie-dyed shirt!!!

  2. For once in my life I’m speechless…..
    Except for when I had lanengitus, I was speechless then. And when I was a baby..I guess you could count that. And when I’m asleep Im sort of speechless then too. And when I’m reading ….well anyway, you get the idea.
    That was a beautiful post…
    And you did that shirt yourself huh? Well I did say a bunch of old hippies…
    Did you plan on your and Olivia’s outfits matching?Or did that just happen?

  3. chris jensen says:

    check out the 50 inch TV screen?

  4. Miriam says:

    She is so adorable and that was a gorgeous post!

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