Spending the day with me… from a kid’s point of view… part 1…

I am, as I mentioned, babysitting little Olivia this week, the daughter of some friends of ours. I am going to do a quick series of posts using the pictures I took today, to illustrate what it is like to spend the day with me… if you are just a little over one-year-old… and using Olivia’s own words… because I totally speak kid…

a 1

I like it when you come over, Arthur… you are a funny man…

a 2

So… what’s for breakfast?

a 3

These are some seriously tasty nummies, dude.

a 4

Alright, what’s next on the agenda?

a 5

Okay, this is a good book, but not as good as the two books you wrote and illustrated… just for kids like me. No. I don’t know where dad stuck my copies of your books… he moves stuff around all the time.

a 6

Wait… you know I can’t really read yet, right?

a 7

Here, you read it to me.

a 8

Yeah, go get your glasses… I will meet you at the big, comfy chair.

a 9

Hey… I see you holding the camera in your other hand…

a 10

Dude… seriously… focus…

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2 Responses to Spending the day with me… from a kid’s point of view… part 1…

  1. I thought your point of view was already a child’s point of view….now I’m confused. I think she’s cute as a little bug I really do….😊Stop calling her squishy face when she gets a little older or you’ll give her a complex.
    By the way, your tye dye shirt looks amazingly similar to some of the ones my brother and I have that were made by these old hippies we met at the Ohio State fair some years back.in fact you look like a younger, thinner version of my brother in that pic but with way way way shorter hair.

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