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I know that last post I did… the one where I did the entire history of the Jewish people and how we ended up with constant warfare and bloodshed in the Gaza Strip while still making it funny was a lot of words to read… so, instead of doing 2 or 3 posts a day, I am not going to do any new posts… until some of you read that last post… I mean, except for this post… which will have absolutely no words in it at all… to save you time… so you can read that other post…

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A brief history of the Jewish people and the Mideast and how the troubles in the Gaza Strip came about, with maps and everything, to try to explain why the people there keep trying to kill each other… and don’t worry, I will try to make this funny, because this is a comedy blog after all… but ***WARNING*** this post is going to piss some of you off…

So I did that post the other day where I tried to explain my mixed feelings about the horrible fighting going on in the Gaza Strip between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But I forgot one very important fact. Many … Continue reading

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The ways of the WordPress Overlords are indeed strange and mystifying… (or): So, tell me a little about yourself…

I keep getting messages from WordPress that I have a new follower… but I swear, some of those people are already following me. Obviously, it is not my place to question the methodology of the exalted humans… and perhaps aliens… … Continue reading

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Please follow my blog… before James Bond shoots me in the head…

I have never kept it a secret that I am the evil criminal mastermind in charge of a secret organization bent on conquering the world. I have a secret lair in a hollowed-out volcano somewhere in Southern California and an … Continue reading

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I knew I forgot to do something…

Now that I have… temporarily… shaved off my mustache, I should really change my little cartoon version of me… where is my cartoon razor? So… does he look younger too?

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Let’s talk about the Gaza Strip… you know… because this is a humor blog…

The trouble between Israel and the Palestinians is complex. It is not easy to come to grips with what is happening there. It is one of those issues that I have very strong feelings about… but those feelings are very … Continue reading

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Why yes, I do make a splendidly adorable baby bat, thank you for noticing…

No, we didn’t really have to hang upside down… that is what Photoshop is for… here is the original picture… Willie wasn’t quite sure what to make of all this, but he finally decide that if his dad and I were … Continue reading

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Because… baby goats!!!

We took Willie to the petting zoo at the Safari Park. He didn’t really want to meet the animals up close, which is weird, because he lives with a big dog… bigger than most of those goats… but hey, we … Continue reading

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Oh, boy…

My cousin and her husband are moving to California in a few months… and they are bringing my new little cousin! Say hello to Clark… whose middle name is Fawkes… how cool is that… They are moving from back East … Continue reading

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Willie goes on safari… part 3…

We saw a lion… Unfortunately, he was resting on top of our car… But then the boss came and kicked him off his perch… And he had to take a nap on the cold, hard ground. So much for that whole … Continue reading

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