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So you know that thing I told you about… that thing I haven’t done more than a handful of times since I was 13-years old? Well, I did it again…

I shaved off my mustache… Yeah, and the goatee too… Now, I have done lots of posts about mustaches… you should really type ‘mustache’ in that little search bar thing by the magnifying glass up there, trust me, it will … Continue reading

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The sun sets on Maui… part 2…

Well, here they are… the last of the pictures of our second honeymoon on Maui… more or less… as I explained… Almost every sunset we saw there was magical. And I have had fun sharing all this with you. I … Continue reading

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Your life might suck, but be glad you don’t live in Genoa City… (or): They call it ‘The Young And The Restless’, but most of them are old and annoying…

We have all, at one time or another, thought that our lives are like a soap opera. I have gone to the trouble of compiling a list of the things that every character on a soap opera goes through, for … Continue reading

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