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Yes, this is one of my very early posts, and yes, I have reposted it before… but it is also one of the best stories about a time I almost died… and I have a lot of stories about times I almost died…

This post involves a near-death experience, but not just any near-death experience…. the weird kind of near-death experiences that only seem to happen to me. And that is why I titled this post: What a way to go… ************************ I … Continue reading

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You know that, sooner or later, you are going to find one of my amusingly long-winded blog post titles that are really just thinly-veiled attempts to lure you to my blog, to be just silly enough to pique your interest, and you will fall for my blatant shenanigans, even though you are obviously too smart to be taken in by such a cheap ploy, and you will pop over to my blog… you know, just to see if maybe, perhaps, I am anywhere near as funny as I seem to think I am, and then, despite your quite understandable doubts, you will proceed to scroll through some of my posts and read a few things and look at some of my silly Photoshop pictures and maybe listen to a few of my original songs or join in the fun we have in the comment sections, and aginst all your better judgement, you will click the follow button and return again and again and slowly but surely fall in love with me…

So don’t you think you should just get all that out of the way right now?

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Uh… you know that post where we are trying to break the record for the most comments on a WordPress blog post? We now have 29,261 comments…

Come on, people… be a part of history! Leave a comment. I bet we can break 30,000 by this weekend. Just click on that link… the one right over there at the top of my sidebar. You will not be … Continue reading

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The irony of being alone… (or): You are never by yourself, you are with yourself…

The thing… and this is really a cool thing as things go… about that expression: ‘by yourself’, is that it is a fallacy, an impossibility, a blue herring, and many other clever ways of saying that it is just plain … Continue reading

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No, I do not repost my old posts because I have run out of ideas for a new post… I have a head full of crack squirrels, for crying out loud… I do it because it is fun and it reminds me of the early days of blogging when I had no idea what I was doing and it didn’t really matter because nobody was reading my stuff anyway… and so that you don’t have to go back and read my old stuff… even though you ought to…

This one was called: We all want people to like us —————————- But what are we willing to do to achieve that goal? I am learning some very interesting things, now that I am actually reading other people‚Äôs blogs. For … Continue reading

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Well, this is certainly awkward… I seem to have done two posts in a row that completely contradict one another… which is what happens when you have crack squirrels living inside your head…

First, let me apologize for such an obvious slip up. Next, let me thank my friend, List of X, for pointing out this glaring oversight on my part. It seems obvious, after it being pointed out to me, that I … Continue reading

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So, I did warn you right up front that I only started this blog so I could take over the world, right?

I mean, it is more than a little ironic, but I don’t want to be dishonest about the fact that this is basically a criminal organization bent on world domination… and now that I have the secret lair in the … Continue reading

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