A labor of love…

My blog is no longer a cluttered mess…

a 6

Yes… that’s really me when I was a baby… and yes, that picture may explain a few of my personality disorders…

For the last two weeks, I have been going through all of my old posts and tagging them as categories.

Why, you ask?

Because I love you, that’s why… and now it will be easier for you to find the things you like on my blog. You might recall that I did a post a few weeks ago asking what categories you wanted me to use. I did the best I could. Let me explain what we have here…

If you go down my sidebar a little ways, you will see a thing called: ‘Stuff you might like’!

Under that is a word cloud. It has words of various sizes floating in a cloud. Now, if you want to see my posts about certain subjects, you just click on one of the topics, or categories in the word cloud, and you go to all the posts about that subject.

Let me break it down:


1. Cartoons – This is where I do funny things in Photoshop to beloved characters from cartoon shows… or maybe cartoons I drew myself.

2. Conan the barbarian – Okay, I love Conan. Those were some of the first books I read when I discovered reading… and I did some funny stuff to him in Photoshop too. Don’t judge me… at least not until you look at some of them… they’re funny.

3. Dick Cheney – Okay, I hate that guy… so I have done a lot of mean pictures of him in Photoshop… hey, he condoned torture, lied to start a war, steals human hearts, and shot his friend in the face.

4. Dogs and other animals – Here you can find pictures of my dog, and other dogs I have met… because dogs and babies love me… but there are other things too. Birds, fish, dinosaurs, butterflies… and don’t be surprised if many of the pictures have been played with in Photoshop. Because it’s funny.

5. Everything Else – This is just all the random stuff that didn’t seem to go anywhere else, or my old posts that I reblogged. Just ignore this one unless you are home with the flu and your TV is busted and you are really bored. It would be easier to just read my whole blog from the beginning.

6. Fiction – Stuff I wrote, or stuff about stuff I wrote.

7. Flowers – Photographs of flowers… although there might be some paintings of flowers that I did.

8. Funny famous people pictures – This might be a good place to start, just to get an idea of how weird I am. Politicians, musicians, movie stars, and so on, usually messed with in Photoshop, or with a funny little joke or story about them.

9. My art – This covers a lot of ground. I included most of the stuff I did in Photoshop, but there are my original paintings and drawings, comics and cartoons, my tiki carvings, wood burning, and who knows what else in there.

10. My travels – These are mostly photos and stories of all the cool places I have been.

11. My weird moving pictures – These are funny little videos I did… well, they aren’t really videos, but there is a program where you can add pictures together to make a frame-by-frame moving picture. It requires making copies of a picture in Photoshop, then moving one arm or leg or whatever, then saving the picture, then copying it and moving something again. It takes a lot of time. But these are really funny, and they are all different. You should check them out.

12. Pictures of me – I know, I know, I am self-absorbed… This is a bunch of pictures of me. But not just Photos. There are pictures of me I drew, or painted, or played with in Photoshop. If you love me half as much as I do, check it out.

13. Poems – I know that not everybody likes poems… but you know I don’t do anything the way anybody else does it.

14. Stories of my life – This is just more stuff about me. Tales of my adventures, my travels, times I almost died, stuff about my family and childhood. Many of these posts have pictures too.

15. Stuff about blogging – This is all the posts where I talk about blogging and bloggers. If I ever did a post about you, this is where you will find it. But there are posts about why we all blog, or those times I tried to get us all to write something together.

16. Sunsets – Umm… photos of sunsets, taken in many different locations.

17. Thinking about stuff – Yes, it’s true. Every now and then, I think about stuff. Sometimes I even try to get you to think about stuff too. So sue me. This is also a good place to get a peek inside my crack squirrel-infested cranium.

18. Twitter tweets – Here you can find all my ‘Twit Wit’ posts, where I share with you the little bits of wisdom and craziness from my Twitter feed. Oh, and also little posts about the famous people I have been stalking on Twitter, why I started doing that, and which famous people have tweeted me back.

19. Willie – Yes, here, in one place, you can find all the photos of my little buddy, Willie, possibly the cutest kid now living on the planet.


There you go. Have some fun. I always tell the new people who show up here that the best way to figure out what it is I do here on my blog, and to figure out if they actually want to stay, is to scroll back trough the old posts just skimming them. Then the new people are always surprised to find out all the stuff I do here and in my life. Then I started suggesting that they just type random words into the search bar button and see what pops up.

This seems like it will be a better way to poke around this crazy place. Many of the posts are tagged as more than one category. You might find some posts labeled as: My travels, stories of my life, sunsets, Willie, thinking about stuff, flowers, dogs and other animals, and stuff about blogging. That just means I had a very interesting day.

So please, give the new word cloud a try.

And don’t forget my original songs with little videos, under the button on the top bar that says: My original song videos… just in case you also didn’t know I play guitar and sing and write music.

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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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60 Responses to A labor of love…

  1. axiomaticentity says:

    Categorize this. ..here is a poem I remember from MAD magazine back in the 70s

    A fellow once said it could not be done, but I gave a laugh and cried out
    That maybe it’s true but I would be one to give it a good healthy bout
    So i spit on my palms, rolled my sleeves up my arms
    In a second or two I’d begun it
    And i started to sing as i tackled the thing that could not be done
    And i done it…

  2. kunstkitchen says:

    The baby picture. How could I have missed this? Precious kid. Parents had sense of humor…makes sense about who you are today.

  3. mollytopia says:

    Oh my gahhhhhd what is HAPPENING in that baby pic??? It’s funny and painful at the same time!

  4. PsiFiGal says:

    When did child protective services show up? How long were you in foster care? Oh, the horror! 🙂 (you should see some of the pics of me, I’m one of 7 kids and the stuff we got into, it’s a miracle I’m alive!)

    • I have three brothers and we all tried to kill each other. This was before they invented protective services… or seat belts or crash helmets or knee pads… and I was adopted as a baby, so not long.

  5. ntexas99 says:

    Never one to ignore the obvious, after Elyse sent me over here to comment on your next post, I was contractually obligated to come back and look at this one, because … well, because you obviously were miffed that not enough folks poured out verbose strings of sentences about your baby picture. So here’s some words. Lots of them. I hope you’re happier now. Or at least slightly amused. More words? Okay, then. Not sure which is cuter … your dangling leg that has escaped the chaos of your playpen, or that disgruntled look of unhappiness that is wrinkling up your baby face. Still more words? Oh, alright then. The fact that you have a photo of yourself as a baby in that ridiculously mashed up version of a playpen is sort of hilarious, and cuckoo at the same time, but the fact that you matched it up with a blog post about clutter is sort of genius. Happier now? Not only did you get a comment, but one that recognized your genius. My job here is done. 🙂

  6. benzeknees says:

    I bet your mother had to do that with the cardboard boxes to keep you from: a) trying to climb out of your playpen or b) hurting yourself by putting your head through the bars!
    BTW, you know I’m always late to the party, so no use commenting on how disappointed you are because no one commented on a particular post.

  7. What a beautiful child!

  8. Cimmorene says:

    Seems to me that you had a pretty fun time sorting through everything. I’m glad, Art.

  9. Wow! you went to a lot of trouble for your readers! Now 1) I feel inclined to read more on your blog 2) now I feel inclined to tidy up mine …Um, by the way you say you sing, play guitar…do you dance too?

  10. “Everything Else” is kind of random. Maybe you could break that up a little…

  11. jatwood4 says:

    Art, this is a perfect setup for me for some snowy afternoon — your archives will be easy to access, and I didn’t know about half the stuff you’ve included here. Thanks for the new tool! 😎

  12. areed090290 says:

    There’s also no categories that say ‘minion related’ or anything of that sort. Where’s my crap gonna go?

  13. feelingpaint says:

    I noticed there’s no “Sock Monkey” category. Where am I going to put all my stuff?

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