Daily Archives: February 9, 2022

So, about those lights… another short video, with less-soothing music…

See, these lights are just fun. I sit outside on my days off, just enjoying the ambience. Pick the mood, and you are good to go.

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So, about those lights… a short video, with soothing music…

See, you can set these lights to flicker and flash in a bunch of patters with a phone app. I like the spring and fall color modes. And the forest, and the under sea one. I will have one more … Continue reading

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Clearing off random photos from my phone, which will lead to… uh… other random stuff…

A perfect little rose in my garden. My kitchen orchids are blooming again. Sprouting potatoes. More on that later. So, unless that is the weirdest natural cloud formation ever, it looks like a jet plane did a complete circle in … Continue reading

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