So, you know those boats that sank during a tRump ‘aquatic parade rally’?

Well, it turns out that they are the ultimate rel life expression of the tRump presidency. It seems that the reason that many of the boats sank is because bigger boats, owned by richer tRump supports, much like their dear leader, were pushing their way to the front of the pack. Their own wakes caused the smaller, poorer boats to capsize and sink.

Think about this. Rich people trampling the not-rich to get what they want, to support a president who behaves the same way.

These people don’t care about anybody less rich than they are. They are not going to invite you to the clubhouse, unless it is to scrub the toilets.


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2 Responses to So, you know those boats that sank during a tRump ‘aquatic parade rally’?

  1. That was on Lake Travis by Austin, the Texas state capital, which is a great city and known as a liberal bastion. Lake Travis also boats regular cabals of hedonistic homosexual gatherings (Memorial and Labor Day weekends), which I’m certain is part of what inspired those aquatic Trumpites.

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