The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 4…

a 1

Where in the world can you see that…

a 2

Or that? I would like to say that this is a costume shop, but it isn’t. This is how people dress in the place I am talking about.

a 3

I don’t even know what that is, but I like it.

a 4

Strange inside and out.

a 5

Okay, that is a pretty good hint about the general location of the place I am talking about…

a 6

He was there… you know he was there, back in the day.

a 7

Yup.a 8

It’s only teenage wasteland…

a 9

That place is full of bones and death.

a 10

That is the fire escape that you use to escape from a burning reality.

a 11

If you like Victorian buildings, wait for a later post. It will blow your mind.

a 12

When we were touristing around earlier in the day, I spotted this VW van that does hippy tours. I knew it would turn up later.

a 13

And it did, in the place I am talking about, which is where I expected it to.

a 14

It smelled like pot… weed… dope… and love.

a 15

The Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. The center of not one but many universes. Google the history of this place.


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6 Responses to The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 4…

  1. who said I am leaving?

  2. I was very happy to find myself here just now absorbing the free love and imaginary perfume

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