New York City… day 2… part 1… more questions than answers…

a 1

Keep calm, and don’t lose your head, that is the main thing, right?

a 2

Why is my son-in-law standing in front of an ancient Roman mosaic floor? And why does he look so much like that guy in the tiles, handing the maiden a… flower arrangement? A fruit assortment? A horn of plenty?

a 3

Why does it look like we are in the chapel in an old castle?

a 4

What’s with the fancy coat of arms thingie?

a 5

How long did that guy have to stand around in his fancy party armor to have his portrait painted?

a 6

Which of those suits of armor would look best on Jason?

a 7

Why does that ancient Viking dagger look so uncomfortable to stab someone with? Did part of the handle rot away?

a 8

Is that a stirrup? When did they invent stirrups anyway? It seems like stirrups would really make swing a sword on horseback a lot easier, and couldn’t you use a lance more effectively?

a 9

Why is there a lady lurking behind that knight? And why is his shield so freekin’ big?

a 10

How many kinds of swords are there?

a 11

And what is really better for armored, hand-to-hand combat, a sword, or a mace, or a war hammer, or an axe? And why does your spell-checker underline ‘axe’ like it is not a real word? It is a real word, isn’t it?

a 12

Is that an upside-down mermaid on that helmet?

Wow, you ask really good questions. A lot of them. And the answers will be revealed. Maybe not the answers to these particular questions, but at least I will fill you in on where Jason and I went on our boys-day-out in New York.



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9 Responses to New York City… day 2… part 1… more questions than answers…

  1. chris jensen says:

    When men fought with flesh an steel!

    For their king or queen….


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