Republicans reach a new low… I know, it is pretty hard to believe…

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I was listening to NPR on the way to work yesterday… hey, don’t judge me, I’m old… and I heard that the part of the government responsible for protecting people’s basic rights is planning on rolling back the new rules that protect transgender people and people with any sexual identity that doesn’t fit in the male/female box… uh… so to speak… when it comes to receiving medical care. This was tRump’s idea, I am pretty sure.

So, and let me make sure I have this straight… uh, if you see what I mean… the republicans freak out if they think that anyone is even thinking of taking away a single gun right, and they hate controls or oversight on corporations polluting the planet, and they even think that the president should be able to commit crimes with no repercussions, but they still can’t bring themselves to allow some people to be treated like human beings because they don’t understand the idea that there might actually be more than just the male and female sexual identities. Oh, and they want to control women’s choices about their own bodies.

We are moving backwards in time. In is only a question of how long it takes until we are all living in caves and hunting woolly mammoths… yes, I know they went extinct, but all the other animals on the planet are going extinct too, including us, so it makes sense, from a sarcastic point of view.

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4 Responses to Republicans reach a new low… I know, it is pretty hard to believe…

  1. ToxickToe says:

    Oooog ooooga ooog ooooog.

  2. Yes, and for more than a decade they’ve been trying to squash voting rights and free speech. Most of the provisions to address all these supposed voter fraud issues arose from states with Republican-dominated legislatures after Obama was elected. My beloved home state of Texas is one of them! It’s embarrassing.

    People have often asked me why I still live here. Some of my ancestors have been here since before there was a United States, and I’ll be damned if a batch of pea-brained right-wingers force me out!

    Meanwhile, Japan has high-speed rails, and China and India are still trying to put people on the moon.

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