Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 2…

a 1

Well, I am not going to go into the whole story of how I came to take these photos, or what these are photos of. I did all that in part 1. But I will say that the picture above is one of the better ones I took, after I had gotten better at the wiggling part.

a 2

That one is sort of cool.

a 3

But moving the camera in interesting ways while the shutter is open takes some practice.

a 4

You can’t just go up and down.

a 5

And you can’t just go side to side.

a 6

It is a little better if you go side to side with a little up and down mixed in.

a 7

But you only have a very brief moment to move the camera before the shutter shuts again.

a 8

I tried to do the same thing with some city lights in the distance.

a 9

Good wiggling, but not as much color as the Christmas lights.

a 10

And they seemed to be the right distance away. I think, if I keep trying this, I will find the perfect lights, the correct distance away, with lots of colors, and the right level of darkness with the best lens on the camera and my wiggling perfected.

a 11

I did take my mom up to the top of the mountain overlooking the San Francisco Bay last night, to watch the sunset. I have photos of that, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I also tried a few more of these wiggly shots. That is the lights of Oakland in the distance, with the bay beyond them.

a 12

Not bad, but I hope some of them turned out a little better than that. We will see, in the next post in this series.



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12 Responses to Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 2…

  1. I see the crack squirrels have taken over again!

  2. chris jensen says:

    Found a new toy?


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