Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 1…

a 1

It started off, like most of my ideas do, as an accident with some lucky happenstance thrown in. I thought I was done with the Christmas photography, but I was getting ready to take a picture of a nice sunset from my mom’s front balcony here in the Bay Area… you know… like I do… when I noticed the reflection of the tree lights in the front window.

a 2

I was trying to capture the tree, the reflections, and the sunset… but it was impossible to focus on all of them at once.

a 3

I played around with the idea for a while. I was hoping to get a photo where the reflected lights looks like stars in the sky.

a 4

And while some of these are fairly nice shots…

a 5

They never really captured what I was going for.

a 6

But I still think there is a good idea in there someplace, I just need better happenstances.

a 7

Well, by the time I got done playing around, the sunset was gone. So I decided to take a picture or two of some lights way up the street. Well, as any photographer can tell you, night photography is a challenge. Without a flash, the shutter has to stay open longer. And without a tripod, that means that ‘camera shake’ comes into play.

a 8

Either it was really windy, or I was shaking from the cold. But when I downloaded these images a short while later, I decided that I liked them. “So what,” I heard the crack squirrels that live inside my head say, “is stopping you from taking some pictures of lights while you wiggle the camera around on purpose?” Hey, sometimes those crazy little varmints are useful to have around.a 9

So I tried it on the tree. The first one isn’t that good. It just looks out of focus. “Not enough wiggling”, the squirrels assured me.

a 10

And they were right. A Christmas tree turned into a magical light show. Also, when I keep them busy, they don’t chew on the wiring up there.

a 11

What about the garlands hanging on the tops of the windows?

a 12

Interesting, but I like the faraway lights better.

a 13

What about the wild apple tree down on the street below?

a 14

The white lights are too plain.

a 15

And I was still refining my wiggling technique.

a 16

And that was when I decided to focus… HA!… on the lights up the street for a few more tries. And that will lead us into the next post in this series. See ya!


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2 Responses to Lights, camera, action; fun with ‘wiggly photography’… part 1…

  1. List of X says:

    I used to collect photos like that.

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