Yeah, I know… more sunset pictures…

a 1

I took these a few nights ago.

a 2

Unfortunately, I took them with my cell phone, not the good camera. I was afraid that by the time I got it ready, the colors would have faded.

a 3

I was home alone, and I suddenly noticed that our backyard was bathed in this ethereal pinkish-purple glow.

a 4

It was like the very air was made of colors.

a 5

You gotta love nature.

a 6

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10 Responses to Yeah, I know… more sunset pictures…

  1. drwho002 says:

    Which city do u belong ?the pictures are quite pretty

  2. I’d rather see more pictures of sunsets in your neighborhood taken on your cell phone than more pop-up ads asking me to donate money to X political campaign. And those photos came out just fine, Art!

  3. You caught the colors beautifully even with a cell phone.

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