Today, I traveled all around the world, and all I got you was a bunch of lousy flower pictures… part 5… the final chapter…

a 1

I know I am doing too many post today, and I am sorry, but I want to finish. Because I am going to try to wake up at 3:30 in the morning tomorrow, and go on a real adventure… just for you. So I am finishing up with the slower part of my vacation to visit my mom in the Bay Area for her 95th birthday, during which I have stayed close to home base.

I did see some cool stuff at this, the second of the two botanical gardens. Like… uh… that thing up there, whatever the heck it is.

a 2

I saw vine-covered redwoods.

a 3

I saw another lizard.

a 4

I tried to take the perfect photo of sun-dappled moss.

a 6

I saw jungle that reminded me of Maui.

a 7

I saw delightful little waterfalls.

a 8

I saw a little pagoda shrine in a shaft of sunlight.

a 9

I saw this crazy gnarly tree.

a 10

I broke out into the open and saw… wait… well, never mind, San Francisco is supposed to be over there across the bay, but the fog is still in the way.

a 11

I saw bad cacti being kept in cages.

a 12

I saw bamboo from above…

a 13

I saw bamboo from below.

a 14

I saw Japanese Maple that always reminds me of a pot plant.

a 15

I saw flowers growing in the water…

a 16

And I saw flowers growing over the water.

a 17

And craziest of all, after all those trips to visit my daughter in Arizona without ever seeing more than one or two cacti blooming…

a 18

I saw a bunch of those very same cacti…

a 19

Blooming their spiky little asses off.

a 20

Go figure.

a 21

You have to laugh.

a 22

And that brings this rather small adventure to an end. going full circle to this…

a 23

A giant Saguaro cactus. Now that reminds me of Arizona, and visiting Jessica and her husband, Jason, who just moved to New York, you might recall, and that might lead to some new adventures when I can get time off to visit them there. Now, I will leave this garden, and who knows, on the way home… maybe…

a 24

Nope. Still can’t see San Francisco.

a 25

Not even with the zoom lens.

Okay, I probably won’t even be able to post at all tomorrow, but when I get back… watch out.


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3 Responses to Today, I traveled all around the world, and all I got you was a bunch of lousy flower pictures… part 5… the final chapter…

  1. Lucy Brazier says:

    I wonder what those poor cacti did to be put in cages. Are they immigrants? Did Trump put them there?

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