Today, I traveled all around the world, and all I got you was a bunch of lousy flower pictures… part 2… (including a picture of a rock that looks like Darth Vader)…

a 1

Okay, the title of this post is a total lie. First of all, I didn’t travel around the world today… that was yesterday now. Because it is the next morning. Also, this post contains not one single photo of a flower. This is finishing up the pictures from that first botanical garden I went to, that has only native Californian plants, and I shared all the flower ones yesterday. But the Darth Vader rock, I did not make that up… just wait for it.

a 2

Once again, it is summer. The end of summer. Not the best time for flowers.

a 3

Ooooh… a Spanish moss-covered branch!

a 4

And an old wooden fence covered with lichen.

a 5

There is still color, even when you can’t find a flower. Leaves, getting a jump on spring.

a 6

Or the strange, muddy-red of a manzanita.

a 7

But this post points out two things. First of all, when I was young, like most of us, I guess I took nature for granted. I had no idea these botanical gardens, so near to where I grew up, were so freekin’ big! I don’t think I ever made it all the way to the back of either one of them.

a 8

I guess I got bored with nature, and wanted to move on.

a 9

See, I found a rock that looks like Darth Vader!

a 10

Cacti! That is the other thing that this garden highlights. California has everything! Snowy mountains, deserts, old growth redwood forests, beaches with swaying palm trees. And everything in between.

a 11

See, there is a palm tree right there.

a 12

Even this lizard seems enthralled bu the beauty.

a 13

It was really almost magical.

a 14

What do you know, there is a grove of Giant Sequoia in there.

a 15

There are redwoods, and… uh… other trees.

a 16

There is an entire hillside covered with majestic oaks.

a 17

I walked a lot further than I thought I was going to yesterday.

a 18

I found myself wishing that my daughters were both there.

a 19

Okay, now we can move on to the other botanical garden, with plants from all over the world.

a 20

Get ready for some more flowers!

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