Today, I traveled all around the world, and all I got you was a bunch of lousy flower pictures… part 1…

a 1

Hey, I did the best I could.

a 2

I didn’t actually travel around the entire world, but I did see plants from all around the world.

a 3

I went to two very large botanical gardens today.

a 4

Both are within just a few miles of my mom’s house in the Bay Area, the house where I grew up.

a 5

The first one contains plants native to California.

a 6

These photos, and the photos in the next post, are all from this botanical garden. Then, I have a bunch of photos from the other one, that has plants from around the world.

a 7

I haven’t been to either park in years… decades…

a 8

But considering the fact that it is summer, not spring, I found a lot of pretty flowers.

a 9

I could go back in spring, but then you would have to look at like 5,000 flower photos.

a 10

Most of you will probably get bored and wander off during this series anyway.

a 11

Wait, those aren’t flowers… just red leaves. That belongs in part two.

a 12

I know that not everyone loves flower pictures. But I just like to see if I can take really good photos of them. My dad used to take photos of flowers, back in the ‘cameras with film in them’ days.

a 13

a 14

a 15

The intricacy of nature is endlessly fascinating to me.  Some of these flowers are tiny. The interplay of light and shade is a balance to take into consideration.

a 16

I really like the colors.

a 17

Even the rather plain ones.

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11 Responses to Today, I traveled all around the world, and all I got you was a bunch of lousy flower pictures… part 1…

  1. The flower photos are absolutely extraordinary! The photo of you at the start was totally unnecessary. 🙂

  2. Trent Lewin says:

    That’s pretty… hey I’m coming to your neck of the woods next week! I want ocean. And tacos. And yes, flowers.

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