Detours: A California adventure… part 7; One day down…

a 1

Here we are, at the end of the first day of my three-day, detour-filled California road trip adventure.

a 2

I know, I didn’t post yesterday. I got the flu… with a migraine… wheee…

a 3

I had a great time, visiting that beach with all the tide pools, in Santa Cruz in Northern California.

a 4

My little cousin, Campbell, had fun too.

a 5

I spotted a mommy otter with her baby.

a 6

I love otters.

a 7

I love a full moon, too.

a 8

You will see more of this little guy tomorrow… uh… I mean, the tomorrow of this day, not the tomorrow of today… if you see what I mean.

a 9

There is a nice sunset in there… somewhere…

a 10

Not the best pictures I ever took of otters.

a 11

They were pretty far from shore.

a 12

But still… otters!

a 13

Good night, moon.

a 14

Good night, stupid telephone wires, enemy of all photographers.

a 15

I have not tried the paddle board thing yet. It looks relaxing… and sort of boring.

a 16

Okay, I am going back to bed. See you soon… I hope.


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41 Responses to Detours: A California adventure… part 7; One day down…

  1. adamjasonp says:

    Now, that’s a good lunar photo.

  2. Otters, sunsets and a little boy having fun along the beach! What could be better?!

    I’ve been fighting some cold- or flu-like mess since New Year’s weekend. I look like I’m either recovering from a bantam-weight UFC fight or just come out of rehab. I’m embarrassed to go out in public. If I could find something to help me eliminate the bags from under my eyes (besides trying to get more rest), I’d be (almost) happy enough to orgasm! Yes, I know: TMDI (too much damned information)! Get well soon, Art!

  3. chris jensen says:

    i would like say this is one of your better post! Nonetheless, get well dear old friend, so we may read your posts another day..

    i’m listen to, Hotel California by the Eagles, they sing about a time in the year my mother died..


  4. chris jensen says:

    Reblogged this on crjen1958 and commented:
    i watched you for some time, now i would say old friend..

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