Getting in the mood for Christmas… Old, recycled posts of the holiday season… part 4…

Some silly homemade Christmas ornaments and a Santa tiki… yeah, I said a Santa tiki…

What, you don’t have a hand-carved Santa tiki???

a 3 c

Yeah, I have a Santa tiki… well, my wife does, because I gave it to her for Christmas last year… no… that isn’t the only thing I gave her. And I did carve it myself… so…

a 3

And on my Christmas tree, I have little bears made out of cookie dough. My kids baked them when they were little… but I added the tie dye outfits…

a 3 a

I also have a Cat in the Hat ornament that I made. I drew it, cut it out, inked and colored it, and mounted it on wood…

a 2

And I made this cute little mouse in a present picture that is inside a clear plastic ornament. I should have taken a picture of the back, because it is the same picture but from the rear…

a 3 b


Homemade ornaments feel more like the spirit of Christmas to me.

a 1 a 3

I know, I really went overboard with the tie dye theme during that cookie dough project. The glass one is a fun project that families can do together. You just buy the clear glass ornaments and then pour paint inside them and swirl it around.

a 1 a 4Anyway, thanks for sharing a little Christmas art… and love… with me.


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