A three bridge adventure… the final chapter… (full circle)…

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Okay, I skipped ahead just a little. I took that photo back on Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. But I do like to have a good photo show up on the topic pages.

a 2

Technically speaking, I left off on the last post with me still driving through San Francisco, heading for the Oakland Bay Bridge, the third bridge of my driving adventure around the bay Area.

a 3

There is something a little weird about these three pictures of the city.

a 4

All the buildings have a greenish tint. I don’t know if that is because of some reflective coating on the glass windows, or some bizarre atmospheric condition, but it was very noticeable.

a 5

And then I was back on Treasure Island for the second time on this visit to the Bay Area. There is Alcatraz, looking almost like a ship.

a 6

And there is Mount Tamalpais on the right of that photo. You might remember that I got detoured up that mountain from the coast highway on the other side, and took some nice pictures from the top.

a 7

I had a nice time on that adventure. It took me ten hours, but I got kissed by a horse, saw the redwoods, the coast, birds, three bridges and some good friends.


a 9

I think I only have a couple more posts worth of photos from my recent trip to my mom’s house in the Bay Area… and then we can get back to doing… whatever it is I do around here.


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7 Responses to A three bridge adventure… the final chapter… (full circle)…

  1. List of X says:

    Or maybe, since this is the financial district, the greenish tint comes from all the money there.

  2. The greenish coloring on the skyscraper windows may be due to a blue-green tint deliberately added to the windows upon installation, which is supposed to help absorb heat and reduce a building’s air conditioning costs.

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