A three bridge adventure… part 5… (oh look, it’s another bridge)…

a 1

I suppose this is almost the halfway point of my three bridge adventure… or at least it will be once I drive halfway over that bridge right there. But I sent myself on another little detour first, getting off the highway, and turning right, or West, and driving up the bluffs of the headlands overlooking the Golden Gate. You don’t often get to see the bridge from the Northwest.

a 2

I did a lot of driving on very twisty, narrow roads on this adventure.

a 3

But I do this for you as much as I do it for myself.

a 4

I haven’t driven this far up this road in years.

a 5

It was spectacular.

a 6

A behind the scenes view of San Francisco.

a 7

Alcatraz Island and Treasure Island, once again.

a 8

The headlands on the South side of the mouth of the bay.

a 9

And the headlands on the North side, where I was.

a 10

I kind of like that picture.

a 11

You can see the lighthouse that keeps ships safe. There is also a foghorn. And I think that ship is the same one we saw off the coast in the last post. The Pacific looks calm, but this is an area known for storms, tides, and fog… also, Great White Sharks.

a 12

Okay, join me later when I cross the second bridge in my three bridge adventure!





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2 Responses to A three bridge adventure… part 5… (oh look, it’s another bridge)…

  1. More great photos of the Bay Area, Art! Isn’t Alcatraz one of those – oh, what do you call it – gated communities? 🙂

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