Dogz and firemenz…

a 1

My mom had stuff to do today, so I went down to my favorite dog park to make some new friends. And yes, that paw really is as big as it looks like it is.

a 2

There is nothing like a really big, really sweet dog.

a 3

I met lots of cool dogs. And you can’t beat the view from this particular dog park.

a 4


a 5

I am still trying to capture that one perfect image of a dog shaking water off itself.

a 6

I know it will happen sooner or later.

a 7

That one has some pretty good tail drips. But i want that one photo where the dog’s face is all flapping around, and the dog is surrounded by a cloud of small water droplets, that the sun is catching just right so they all sparkle like little diamonds.

a 8


a 9

The sun was too high today. Totally wrong angle.

a 10

But you never really know until you get home and look at the photos on a good screen.

a 11

On the way back to my mom’s house from the dog park, I stopped to get some groceries. And in the parking lot of the little mall, the local firemen were having a little street fair that included this demonstration of how they can take a car apart in order to save someone trapped inside.

a 12

They had the windows out and the doors off in no time.

a 13

By the time I came back out of the store just a few minutes later, the car had been dismantled, then stacked back together to make it easier to haul away.

a 14

I made the joke that I was going to post these photos on my blog with a caption that read: ‘Never lock your keys in your car and ask the local firemen for help.’ They thought this was funny. We all started to give suggestions for other captions…

‘Never park your car in the handicapped space.’

‘Never leave your dog locked in your car on a hot day.’

‘Hey, we told you to get off the cell phone while you were driving.’

‘You should really pull over when you hear the siren.’

There were more. It was fun.




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2 Responses to Dogz and firemenz…

  1. Al says:

    They had something similar here last year. They probably had one this year as well, but I have only been outside once in 2017. The speed they do it is incredible.

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