Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 1… the tease…

a 2

Wait, I hear you asking, why is the city obscured by foamy water spray?

a 1

And how did you ever get a photo from that delightful angle?

a 3

And… are you under the Oakland Bay Bridge???

a 4

A railing and a big, fat wake… these are some serious clues.

a 5

As is this unique perspective of Alcatraz.

a 6

You might, by now, have surmised that a boat of some kind was involved.

a 7

And you are correct… but it wasn’t just any kind of boat we went on yesterday.

a 8

For now, pay attention to how sunny and clear the day was… because that is going to change soon… in an interesting way.

a 9

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2 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 1… the tease…

  1. So, you were on a boat when you took those photos? Wow! I thought maybe you floated yourself out there in an inner tube. I can see Mollie standing on the pier with everyone else, just looking at you.

    “Uh, Mollie, I think your dad’s going out a bit too far into the ocean.”

    “No, he’s alright.”

    “I’m serious! It’s drifting too far out!”

    “Don’t worry! He does this all the time. Believe me!”

    “I really think we need to call 911!”

    “No, we need to call Bob’s Steak House. I’m getting hungry.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Damnit! Of course I’m sure! He’s my dad! He’s always doing stupid shit like that, but he always manages to make his way back home! Besides, the insurance is paid up. Now, let’s go to Bob’s!”

    “Sounds good!”


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