Squirrel nuts, a snake, some dogs, a city, and some big, heavy balls…

a 1

Yup… that is a squirrel, hanging upside down on a palm tree… eating, what I assume, is some sort of nut. Now that we are all caught up on the Comic Con/Hamilton/sunset pictures, I can start to fill you in on some of our other adventures in the Bay Area… where we still are. Where did I spot that squirrel. you may well be asking?

a 2

We went down to Oakland… Jack London square, to be precise. That is a nice view of San Francisco, over past the boats and the big cranes used to unload cargo ships.

a 3

We met Willie, our godson, and his mom, Eva. Big Johnny was at work, and couldn’t join us. We went bowling, among other things.

a 4

Between rolling the bowling ball, William practiced his light saber technique with Dashawn, my daughter’s boyfriend.

a 5

There is my younger daughter, Mollie, still rocking the pink hair.

a 6

If you look right above the red set of numbers, you will see that I bowled a respectable 156. One of my best scores ever, and considering the fact that I was drinking at the time, not too shabby.

a 7

So, yeah, it was beautiful down by the bay.

a 8

Willie… rockin’ the octopus hat!

a 9

A statue of Jack London. You may have heard of him. He wrote some books.

a 10

On the way back to my mom’s house, we stopped in Berkeley, once again by the bay. The fog was rolling in. It was windy, and we have a cool new kite.

a 11

When you are looking up at a kite, remember to look down once in a while too. I almost stepped on a five-foot-long snake.

a 12

I also met a cool old guy with lots of dogs. Yes… I met the dogs too… don’t be silly.

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