Still another adventure in the Bay Area… the final chapter… I mean, not really the final chapter, I am still in the Bay Area, and I might have another adventure or two, but this is the last post about the day before yesterday, where I hung out with my friend and my godson… and it has a cute dog in it!!!

a 1

So, as I waited for Big Johnny and William to finish up in the world’s most dangerous playground… (see earlier posts in this series)… I met a cool dog. Her name is Baby. And like most things in my life, there were some weird aspects to it.

a 2

But before we get to that, I do have a couple other photos to get out of the way… One of Big Johnny and I…

a 3

And one of Willie, taking a break from this place…

a 4

The most dangerous playground in the world… okay, now, back to that dog.

a 5

So, I wandered outside the playground of doom… remember, I was both sleep-deprived and a little hung over from the memorial service after-party the night before… and I saw this African-American lady with cool dreadlocks and an awesome dog. She was tying the dog to a post. I asked if I could pet the dog. I did.

a 6

So, the lady… whom I suspected was a homeless person, pointed more or less towards the public restrooms, and said she ‘needed to go over there’. I said I would watch the dog. So she leaves… and never comes back… I mean, I sat there with the dog for about 40 minutes. I finally spotted the lady, who seemed to have gotten herself invited to a Mexican birthday party for some small kid. She was eating a cupcake beside a pinata.

a 7

Big Johnny and Willie were finally ready to call it a day.

a 8

I waved at the lady to tell her I was leaving. I don’t begrudge the time I spent with Baby, It was awesome. But it would have been nice if she had come back to tell me what she was up to.


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