Still another adventure in the Bay Area… part 3…

a 1

Yeah, it was hot in them thar hills, up above Berkeley. Despite it meaning that we would forgo the awesome views of the Bay Area spread out below us, we decided to trek down closer to the bay, where it would be cooler. If only we could find some place, right beside the bay, where an active 4-year-old could paint…

a 2

Maybe whack some nails into some wood…

a 3

Or even learn how to take nails back out of wood…

a 4

Well, if we were going to find a place where a kid could do all that, and climb on crazy stuff, you know it would be in…

a 5

Berkeley freekin’ California, USA, Earth.

a 6

Seriously, a place with pianos sitting outside…

a 7

… that the kids can actually play…

a 8

A place full of crazy art and climbing structures that looked to have been made by children with almost no adult supervision…

a 9

A place with a homemade rain forest…

a 10

A place that looks like a cross between a junk yard and the best place ever in the world to play for any kid… of any age… where else would you find all that, but Berkeley?

More about this place in the next post.



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2 Responses to Still another adventure in the Bay Area… part 3…

  1. I see Berkeley remains trapped in a psychedelic time warp. I’m sure the spirit of Jerry Garcia still haunts the area. I’m really not concerned about Willie and the other kids running around without adult supervision. I’m concerned about YOU running around without any kind of supervision! 🙂

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