My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read this post…. part 1…

a 1

Okay, I will try to make this simple, because I am on pain meds for my back. That is Mollie, our younger daughter. Now that she is 18, her mom says she can be on the blog. But she didn’t specifically say that I could only show pictures taken after Mollie turned 18. Ha! I was on Facebook, and it asked me if I wanted to share some memories from our 2015 trip to Europe. And that got me thinking. I did a whole bunch of posts about that trip, but I had to leave Mollie out, and my wife, who still doesn’t want to be on the blog.

But that means I have dozens of photos of our trip that I couldn’t post before. If you want to read the whole story of the trip… and it was awesome, we saw the Queen of England and the Royal Family, and saw two movie scenes being filmed…. One was from a James Bond movie… and had a lot of cool adventures… you should use the search bar or scroll down… or use the handy calendar thing in the sidebar.

So I am posting, in no particular order, photos of Mollie, taken on two cameras and three cell phones, over the course of two weeks. This does two things. One, I get to relive the trip. And two, you get to see what a beautiful, smart, strong, young woman my daughter is. That is her, trying on a hat in Paris.

a 2

Me and Mollie… Mollie and I… on the Eiffel Tower.

a 3

Mollie, my mom, and I, in front of Notre Dame.

a 4

Mollie, getting some culture.

a 5

The Old Globe, in London.

a 6

It is almost impossible to take a bad picture of that kid.

a 7

She actually is as sweet as she looks like she might be.

a 8

Neuschwanstein Castle.

a 9

London selfie. That must be from her phone.

a 10

And one random picture of me, when I realized the train from Paris to Germany was going over two hundred miles per hour. And just so you know, while I was going through the pictures of our trip, I came up with my next post series idea… I am going to post every selfie I ever took of me in my whole life… Oh yeah! So enjoy these while you can.


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8 Responses to My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read this post…. part 1…

  1. It’s ‘Mollie and me’…but that’s not important…

  2. Very pretty daughter, Art. Give her a hug from me.

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