It just occurred to me…

Now that Mollie, our younger daughter, is 18, and my wife says she can appear on the blog, that means I can go back and show old pictures of her… right?

a 1

What brought this up is that on Facebook, I was asked if I wanted to share an old memory… and that memory is of our trip to Europe two summers ago.

a 1 2

Which should mean that I can go back and share pictures I couldn’t share before… probably. There is my mom in the background, and Mollie and I closer up. I had to cut my wife out, who was sitting to Mollie’s right, because she srill doesn’t want to be on the blog. We are on our way across the pond!

a 2

I may have already shared that one, but it’s me… so I will share it again. These are in no particular order, That is the hotel we stayed at in Munich.

a 3

My mom, Mollie, and I, at Neuschwanstein castle.

a 4

That is me petting a German horse near the castle. I know I shared this one… but… horsies!!!

a 5

Me and Mollie in Rothenburg.

a 7

Mollie, trying her very first sip of beer… in the same beer hall where Hitler gave his first speeches to the fledgling Nazi party in Munich.

a 8

She liked the water better.

a 9

Rothenburg is awesome. I have lots of these, and I can probably find more in the old files, so let me know if you like the idea of seeing more of our adventures in Europe.







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