Patchy the dog, and my two little cousins…

a 1

Okay, time to say goodbye to Patchy the dog, and get back to my two little cousins.

a 2

Well there they are, Clark and Campbell, with their mom and dad. We missed seeing them at Christmas, because one of the little ones was sick.

a 3

I hope you like kids as much as I do, because I have a lot of photos… ha! Clark loved his new fox.

a 4

But the best present I brought to Santa Cruz, was the electric, light-up spinny thing.

a 5

Tie dye never goes out of style, especially in Northern California. And that ties in well with my sixties-themed adventure in San Francisco, right?

a 6

Campbell liked Clark’s new toy too.

a 7

Yeah he did.

a 8

Spinny lights!

a 9



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