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Hey, I said I was done posting pictures of the wedding, not the next-day afterglow party…

Olivia!!! My daughter, Mollie, with Olivia!!! Olivia’s dad, Joey, on the left, Mollie and Olivia, and my friend Chris, who drove from the Bay Area to San Diego to go to my daughter Jessica’s wedding. Stacy, Olivia’s mom… and the … Continue reading

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And the award for best, single fly-away hair on a new bride goes to…

My daughter, Jessica.

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Trump needs Muslims for the same reasons that Hitler needed the Jews… Why hate is good for dictators.

You might think, if you don’t pay much attention to history, that Trump and Hitler just had an irrational hatred for some particular group of people, and then used their power to ¬†act out on this hatred. No, this institutionalized … Continue reading

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