More desert flowers, a sunrise, and something else…

a 1

Just a few more photos of some of the flowers I saw in the Arizona desert. That one has attracted some small insects.

a 2

If you are going to the desert, winter or spring is a good time to do it.

a 3

Not only do you get to see some flowers and a little greenery, but the heat isn’t so brutal.

a 4

I’m not sure if the bird is there for the flowers…

a 5

Or if he is eating the little bugs.

a 6

Yellow flowers were everywhere… trees and bushes just covered with them.

a 7

I had these weird paper strips left over after I punched out the name tags for the water bottles for the gift bags for Jessica’s upcoming wedding, so I taped them together and made paper crowns for her, Jason and I.

a 8

And yesterday, as I said before, I got up really early for the drive back to California, so I could get a few pictures of the sunrise over the desert mountains.

a 9

I have more cool pictures from the drive home, which I will share later, but I don’t know yet if we will be time travelling back to the 70’s first… so get ready either way.


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