Desert flowers…

a 1

I know, we are supposed to have taken a time machine trip to the 1970’s… and we have… but you will just have to adapt to being in two times at the same time, if you see what I mean, and I know you can.

a 2

I am now back in San Diego after my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to help Jessica get stuff ready for the wedding next weekend.

a 3

Between packing gift bags and doing lots of other useful things, I did manage to slip out a few times to explore the desert. I was lucky so see some cactus flowers, as well as these lovely yellow blooms.

a 4

There were huge trees filled with these.

a 5

But seeing the cacti blooming was really special. It only happens for a few weeks on each type of cacti. They all tend to bloom at more or less the same time. I presume this is reproductive-oriented… sort of a cactus orgy.

a 6

Not all the types of cacti bloom at once. The huge Saguaro cacti were not ready yet… I mean, I assume they do it, too.

a 7

Lots of other bushes and shrubs were showing off their colors also.

a 8

I did my patented ‘waking up at an obscenely-early hour for the drive home in order to get some photos of the sunrise’ thing this morning, and I have more cool pictures of that, and a few more flower pictures, so try to keep half of your head in the past and the rest on the now… or something like that.

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