Seriously… more pictures of yet another desert sunrise???

a 1

Hey, don’t get snarky with me! I got up super early to take these. I also folded little maps of San Diego for the wedding gift bags, wrote my hilarious wedding toast for my daughter and future son-in-law, and did some other helpful stuff that wouldn’t be as much fun for you to look at as the pictures I took…

a 2

And I also had to drive to a hill twenty minutes out into the desert to take these for you, all before the sun even came up.

a 3

You’re welcome.

a 4

But yeah, I am back in Scottsdale, Arizona again. Big sky country. Big cactus country.

a 5

Land of the Saguaro.

a 6

And I will try to go out for some desert walks, to see if I can find any blooming cactus flowers, or anything else that is more interesting than photos of me trimming menus on a paper cutter for my kids wedding… which is next weekend.

a 7

I like that one, there is a lens flare in the middle that looks a little like a flower… unless that is a UFO?

a 8

This is Saturday morning here. I am going back to San Diego on Monday… with a car loaded full of wedding stuff… so the kids can fly into San Diego for the wedding… in order to fly out afterwards on their honeymoon… because I am a good dad.

a 9

Also, one person expressed an interest in my new Spotify song list of awesome 1970’s rock and roll classics that I downloaded just for this long car trip… so I will try to type that up soon, just so you can listen to some of them, and be forced to admit that music hasn’t gotten any better since the 70’s.



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