Yeah, I know, more pictures of the San Francisco Bay Area… and me…


I took these when we went up to the science museum yesterday…


Yes! Very good! This is the same spot I came with my mom, and took the photos of the awesome sunset, the last time I was in the Bay Area for Big Johnny’s birthday party, which I also took some cool pictures of. You really are paying attention.


And you are absolutely right! Big Johnny is Willie’s dad… and Willie, our godson, was with us yesterday when we went to the science museum.


See, I told you. If you read my whole blog from the beginning, you will know me better than you know anybody else on the planet… maybe even yourself.


My daughter, Mollie, took the camera, and I made her take a couple shots of me. She was really trying to take pictures of her boyfriend, who is suffering… I mean ‘enjoying’ his first Browne family Christmas at my mom’s house… did I mention there are like 16 or more people living here right now?


So… yeah…


The notable thing about these photos of the Bay Area, taken from way up in the Berkeley hills, is how clear it is… wait… let me put the zoom lens on…


You see that island, way out past the right tower of the Golden Gate bridge? Those are the Farallon  Islands. They are 43 miles out to sea. I can count the number of times in my entire life that I saw them from this spot on one hand… and not the whole hand. There is almost always some fog or clouds or haze blocking them from your view.

Bonus points if your remembered that the Sea Scout boat I was on was named after the Farallon Islands… yes, the one I almost died on, and posted about here, probably the most interesting and funny near-death story ever… you should really try typing something about ‘near death experience’ or ‘drowning’ in the search bar. That is a crazy story, but I can’t remember the name of the post. But you really are paying attention, and here I was, thinking that you just hit the ‘like’ button after skimming through my posts. I do apologize.

And as long as I have the zoom lens on…


Because, in a few hours, we are going to be all up in that city over there, having more adventures. I know, I haven’t even shared the pictures of our ‘second Christmas’ dinner last night. I am falling behind.


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4 Responses to Yeah, I know, more pictures of the San Francisco Bay Area… and me…

  1. I’m reading… I’m getting there 🙂 go crackers!

  2. Simon says:

    I wouldn’t worry about falling behind… I think we all have!

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