Wait… was that Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett singing that creepy Christmas song in a bookstore… again???

I don’t even know where to start with this one. I happened to hear somebody on the TV singing that horrible Christmas song… you know the one… the one that starts off with: Baby, it’s cold outside… yeah, that one, the one where the guy is basically whining and pouring drinks into the girl to get her to stay overnight… the creepiest ‘Christmas seduction/date rape’ song of the holiday season, easily beating out that ‘Santa Baby’ song, which is pretty creepy in a lot of other ways…

Well, the thing is… and this is the ‘thing’ that almost made me blow my first sip of morning coffee right out through my freekin’ snout… but you know what is creepier than a guy pouring booze into a girl while singing about how the driving conditions outside are very unsafe, and that he is so concerned about her that he believes having her sleep with him would be less tragic than her dying in a fiery car crash? I will tell you what is creepier than that… when a guy who is 90 is singing it to a girl who is 30… in a freekin’ bookstore.

This has ruined Christmas for me… and reading books…


This post is recycled from last year… they are still showing the commercial… I changed their ages, just so you know.

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12 Responses to Wait… was that Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett singing that creepy Christmas song in a bookstore… again???

  1. Marianne Dow says:

    So you’ve joined the PC Police and want to censor the arts now. Holy cr*p, play some rap and censor away.

  2. List of X says:

    Did you change the ages to protect the innocent?

  3. That’s what’s ruined Christmas for you? Not the miracle of Jesus having sex with a donkey on his 21st birthday, and his magical sperm turning it into a princess?

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