Like a rainbow…


While I catch you up on what is happening in my life, I thought we could look at some pretty pictures of rainbows… wait, is it still a rainbow if it wasn’t made by rain?


These ‘rainbows’ were made by light passing through a chandelier at my mother-in-law’s house. Yes, we are still living there. Our one-month home renovation turned into a two-month project. But we start moving back home tomorrow!!!


And, soon, I will show you the pictures of our fancy new kitchen and living room and stuff.


I like that one.


Look at the colors. Purple is a cool color.


That one is kind of artsy.


The world needs more round and oval rainbows.


Now how come, in that one, the shapes are reversed, but the colors are going the same direction? Nature is a mystery.


I even got Cuca and Racha in on the fun.


They seem to be enjoying themselves.

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4 Responses to Like a rainbow…

  1. No: no rain, no rainbow; by order of, da managemen’. But they’re still pretty cool, regardless of what they’re called. Happy moving day tomorrow!

  2. Christopher says:

    Some of those are so intense I think I can even see the indigo. Okay, most of the time I feel like “indigo” was just made up because “ROY G. BV” would be too hard to pronounce, but sometimes I think I see a band of darker blue between the blue and the violet.
    As a traditional symbol of hope it doesn’t matter if there’s no rain…we find our rainbows where we can.

    • I just Googled it to be sure, and the number vary, but humans are supposed to be able to see between 6 and 10 million colors… except for one article that said 42… We have been looking at a lot of paint samples for the remodel. And I am all art-side-of-the-brain. I live colors. But two colors that are almost identical… do all those millions of shades each have a name?

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