The last sunset…


Okay, obviously these aren’t the last sunset in any literal sense. They are just the last photos of that one sunset I took from the Berkeley hills on my last Bay Area adventure.


I know I took too many pictures, but I can’t waste them.


And that view never looks the same, not only on different nights, but even on the same night, if you stay long enough.


As the color fades from the sky and the lights begin to come on, something magical happens.


The darkness descends like a vast, living thing…


The sun fights to hold it back…


Darkness adds an air of mystery to a city, especially when viewed from above and far away. You are part of the city, and yet not part of it. You are a secret admirer. You are also a peeping Tom. HA!



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4 Responses to The last sunset…

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautiful shots of a favorite place. Fun blog!

  2. Ahh the burning of fossil fuels never looked so beautiful.

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