The last sunrise…


Okay… once again, not technically the ‘last’ sunrise… we should have a few more… at least until the election results are in…


But these are the last of the photos I took during my early morning drive down the California Coastal Highway One on my way back from the Bay Area.


There is a lighthouse in the early morning fog.


And there is the sun, popping up over the hills. I already shared all the pictures of the elephant seals, some nice horses I met, Hearst castle, the sea otters, and whatnot.


Yeah, I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning to get these pictures for you…


But I also got to have a nice little adventure.


And I had the road almost to myself.


I got to enjoy the solitude of the moment.


I got to bond with the sea and the sky.


And I reminded myself how lucky I am to live in California.


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4 Responses to The last sunrise…

  1. Nice, definitely worth a 3.30 start

  2. harryalston says:

    Beautiful pastel colours.

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