Wow, Olivia, that is the best scrunchy face ever!!!


I don’t know how the scrunchy face… or squishy face… evolved with our friends’ daughter, Olivia. I don’t know if it is her way of saying ‘stop taking so many pictures, dang it’… or if she just likes that people react to it with such amusement. But it is funny.

We did have a little meltdown today. I tried to feed her lunch, and all of a sudden she started crying and hyperventilating. Then she said these words… still crying and gasping… over and over again… for like half an hour:

“Where is mommy? Where is Daddy? Where is Mommy and Daddy? I don’t know! I can’t find them!”

Now, don’t get all hyperventilaty yourselves. Kids go through insecure phases. She gets a little worked up right before her parents go to work too, but then she is fine 30 seconds after they are out the door. And she loves her big buddy, Arker… that’s what she calls me. No kid can pronounce Arthur. Usually it comes out as Arfer, but she isn’t like most kids. I mean, even in her meltdown, look at her use of complete sentences. She is like a year and a half old, for cryin’ out loud… uh… as they say…


Not long after the meltdown, she was hanging off the end of a couch, kicking her little legs and moving her arms, and yelling: “Look Arker, I’m swimming. Then she passed out and took a nap. I should probably ask Joey and Stacy if they are taking her to swim lessons, because I have no idea where she picked up the swimming thing.

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8 Responses to Wow, Olivia, that is the best scrunchy face ever!!!

  1. I LOOVE the scrunchy face! And “Arker”. Sweet. What a little honey!

  2. Paul says:

    Amazing. awesome face.

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