A last word on minions…

I love all of my little minions so much that I now make you a solemn promise… I will not feed you the cheap minion chow any longer. What was it called again? Oh yeah… ‘Soylent Yellow Minion Chow’…

a 1 a 5jpg

From now on, nothing but the best… name-brand all the way… maybe the Purina Minion Chow… that looks pretty good…


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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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49 Responses to A last word on minions…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I think we should get filet minion!

  2. In My Cluttered Attic says:

    So Art, when you having this minion Q?

    • It requires you to go in to the post where we are trying to break the record for most comments, and randomly picking some old comments and replying to them. And when we have our next reunion, you have to be there to greet new people. Mostly you just have to say you want to be a minion.

  3. sagedoyle says:

    Soylent yellow is people!

  4. julie says:

    Macaroni n cheese for all! YAY!

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  6. Gibber says:

    I want scallops wrapped in bacon soaked in wine grilled on the bbq.

  7. Moongazer says:

    It has to be better than locusts!

  8. Trent Lewin says:

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! You said it was gonna be a bath!

  9. Asariels Muse says:

    Just throw a few shrimp on the grill, we can handle the rest

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